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Apple slice recipe

When I saw this recipe for the first time on The WHOot, I was amazed that you could make such a delicious slice using only five ingredients.

To make the recipe even more accessible, I used canned apple pieces. I added optional ingredients like cinnamon and all-spice if you want a spicy flavor. Fresh apples can be used; just cut them into 1cm cubes to ensure they are cooked.

This recipe is so simple it only requires five ingredients: sugar, self-raising wheat flour, apple slices, and butter. The cost of making this slice is low. I purchased my apple slices at Countdown for just $1.50. It can be made at less than $3. You can use apples instead of the apple slices in the tin.

This recipe has a trick to remember: Sprinkle the sugar on top right before baking. It will give the top a nice crunchy texture.

You can add cinnamon and allspice to your baking if you prefer a bit of spice. If you enjoy the taste of nutmeg, you can add it to this recipe. I think most sweet spices will work in this recipe.

After your golden brown apple slice is cooked, let it cool in the pan before slicing it into large pieces. You can serve your apple slices plain or with whipped topping. Serve it warm and with vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

This recipe is so easy to make and tastes delicious. I’m amazed that it only requires five ingredients. This recipe would also work with other canned or fresh fruits, such as pears, peaches and plums. I am excited to try this out. See my photos with fresh plums.

Fresh plums can be used to make a delicious slice

Warm plum slice with ice cream as a dessert

This recipe only requires five ingredients and is a great option for filling your children’s lunch boxes. I hope you and your family enjoy this recipe; it will be repeated in our home.


yield: 16 pieces Preparation time 10 Minutes Cook time 40 Minutes Total time: 50 Minutes

This easy-to-make slice only takes a couple of minutes.


One can of apple slices, drained (385g/13.7oz).

2 cups self-raising Flour

Sugar, 1 cup

125g (4.4oz) melted butter