Food and Drinks

Did you know: A French university offers a Master’s Degree in ‘Drinking, Eating and Living

Food and drink play an important role in everyday life. Some people enjoy eating, drinking, and socializing as an art form. For example, take the French. France is well-known for its food, wines, and stylish lifestyle. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially recognized the “gastronomic meal French” in 2010. This is part of the “intangible culture heritage of humanity”. You can learn how to drink, eat, and live from your masters. You read that right. A top French university offers a Master’s Degree program. It teaches you how to live, drink and eat. Sciences Po Lille, one of France’s most prestigious political science schools, offers the BMV course, which stands for “boire, manger and vivre”.

According to Sciences Po Lille’s official website, the BMV course covers many topics, including food, drink, food tech and gastro-diplomacy. According to reports, the course involves writing essays about lifestyle, food, farming, and other topics. Students can also attend conferences and conclaves about food and drink.

Professor Benoit Lengaign introduced this course. He believes Science Po is a great school that poses and confronts current issues through the human and sociological sciences. This century, which you will have been familiar with from birth, carries and drags all the intertwined problems of drinking, eating, and living (BMV).

“What we put into our bodies to live is part of nature. Food should be considered preventive medicine, both for the individual as well as for the planet. It is the issue of the environment. It doesn’t matter what we eat (solids or liquids); it depends on who, when, where, how, and the inherited uses. The habits you want to change. It is all about culture. It’s not about dividing culture and nature. On the contrary, we cultivate the soil, and the environment is social. “This fundamental link between culture and environment is the foundation for BMV,” he wrote in a note on the official website at Sciences Po Lille.