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Sweet potato mash

This simple Mashed Sweet Potatoes recipe is a delicious and healthy addition to any dinner table. This delicious side dish is also great for breakfast and can quickly adapt to any flavor preference. Enjoy them throughout the week by making a batch.

This is Why You Should Make This Recipe

These healthy sweet potatoes make a quick side-dish dish with chicken, turkey, and steak.

You can also use them as a delicious, hearty base to make warm and hearty breakfast dishes. Enjoy them throughout the week by making a batch.

Sweet potatoes have been a favorite of mine for many years. They are affordable and can be stored for extended periods, which is especially important in these difficult times. They are delicious, healthy, and beautiful.

Ingredients Notes

This sweet potato mash is made from only four ingredients: sweet potatoes (with milk), butter, salt, and salt.

You can then improvise based on your preference for a sweet or salty application. I use aromatic garlic powder, fresh cracked black pepper, herbaceous parsley, and aromatic thyme here.

For more flavor combinations, check out the “Flavor Variations” section below!

How To Make Sweet Potato Mash

Buy one, or at the very least, make a holiday wish list for it! You can prepare dinner and all other meals in half the time.

For this tutorial, I chose to cook my sweet potatoes using the Instant Pot because it is the fastest method to get them cooked and ready to be mashed.

Wash, peel, and cube your sweet potatoes. They can get quite dirty, so make sure you wash them thoroughly. They love dirt, so it’s easy to understand why they do this!

Next, place the steel trivet in the bottom of the Instant Pot. Then add a cup of water and place the steaming basket in.

Place the cubed sweet potatoes in a basket. Secure the lid, then switch to Manual/Pressure cook on high for ten minutes. Do a quick release. Now the potatoes are ready to be mashed!

TIP The insert for the Instant Pot already requires a wash, so you can use it to mash your potatoes in. You can remove the steamer basket, trivet, and any remaining water before you continue.

Put the cooked potatoes in a bowl. Mash them with a fork. The FAQ section below will provide information about the tools you can use to mash potatoes.

The milk and butter should be added next. Add your seasonings and mash the mixture until it reaches the desired consistency.

Tip: Cover butter cubes for a few more minutes to allow them to melt.

Season the dish according to your taste. Add a few more butter pats for extra richness. Sprinkle on fresh herbs for color.

Flavor Variations

Sweet: These potatoes are naturally sweet but can add some flavor.

Maple syrup and sweet potatoes go together like a marriage made in heaven. For some natural sweetness, you can add a banana or two.

Warm spices are also a great addition to mashed sweet potatoes. You can add cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger to the mix.

Nut butter is an excellent way of adding flavor and protein to sweet potato mashes. Peanut butter and almond butter are my favorite ingredients. Cashew, macadamia, or sunflower seed butter are also great options.

Savory: To emphasize the delicious flavors, I used parsley, thyme, and garlic in this recipe. Sweet potato goes well with sage, another wonderful herb.

Add heat to these potato mash recipes by adding chipotles in adobo.

To add flavor, you can steam or boil your sweet potatoes in bone broth, stock, or other liquids.

Vegan: It’s easy to make a vegan mashed sweet potato. You can substitute vegan butter for unsweetened non-dairy milk.

Serving Ideas

This sweet potato mash recipe can be easily modified to suit your needs. This sweet potato mash recipe is not only for supporting roles! These serving ideas will help you make them delicious for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As Side: This is the traditional way to serve sweet potato mashed potatoes. Make a batch quickly with chicken, turkey, or steak.

Do you prefer something plant-based? For a filling and hearty dinner, top a sweet potato mash vegan bowl with your favorite sauteed veggies or vegan chili.

Sweet Potato Cakes You can make delicious sweet potato cakes from leftover sweet potatoes. To bind the sweet potatoes, add an egg and some flour. Then add any flavorings.

You can make them into a British “Bubble and Spike” by adding shredded cabbage and frozen beans. For a light brunch or dinner, you can top them with sour cream, smoked salmon, and fresh chives.

Breakfast Bowls: Use sweet potato mash to make a delicious, nutritious, cozy breakfast bowl.

A bowl can be made savory by adding sauteed spinach or sauteed kale, cheese, and fried eggs.

You can make it sweeter by adding nut butter or mashed banana. Serve with granola or toasted coconut, pecans, jam, or sliced bananas.

Pasta Sauce: Mashed sweet potato is a great way to make a vegetarian lasagna. Mix savory herbs such as thyme and nutmeg to create a delicious combination. Layer boiled pasta with a creamy mornay for an autumnal twist on this Italian classic.

Storing and Freezing

One of my most common questions about this healthy sweet potato recipe is, is it possible to make it ahead of time?

Yes! You can cook the sweet potatoes ahead and refrigerate them until you’re ready to use them. They can be kept in the fridge for up to one week.

It is also possible to prepare your sweet potatoes ahead of their time. You may need to warm some milk before reheating as the heat can evaporate some of the liquid.

Mashed sweet potatoes can be kept in the fridge for up to five days.

After they are mashed, sweet potatoes can be frozen. You can freeze them in large silicone containers to keep them warm without chartering them outside.

The freezer can keep frozen sweet potato mash for up to three months.